Family / Work balance. Gender differences

Recently several people in my network started discussing family/work balance. So I wanted to ask my friends in my Facebook Group how they make it and I Googled an image for a post. The first pictures showed me the following:


A female trying to keep balance. There were many others with… female trying to manage kids, ironing and other house work with PCs, phones and other office tools. It’s interesting, that there weren’t so many males doing that. Even though I managed to find some of them with the same balancing postures somewhere in the bottom of the page. There was even a better picture with woman managing work on one side of the scales and a man managing family on another side:


Lately there were lots of articles, posts, public talks about gender inequality. I was reading them, but was too busy to realize the actual difference between female and male parts in our society. I am a founding member in the global CEO Network that connects CEOs from all over the world to discuss their difficulties, challenges and problems. There are few female members in this Network and I was always wondering if we could change it. There will be a solution soon!

There is already a generation of young entrepreneurs – male and female, who want to do more. I see that there is more encouragement from the Governments, their peers and teachers to be bigger. However, there is still a lot to do and a lot to work on.

I think, when we start showing young girls that they can be powerful and there is nothing wrong with it, that it’s OKAY to have your own opinion, that it’s good to be ambitious, – then we will have more girls making it to the top!

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