Bordeaux. First Impressions

Food in BordeauxHaving my first dinner in Bordeaux in a central square right under the beautiful Gothic style church with a sound of jazz… What could be more relaxing and romantic? This city has that rare spirit of relaxation.

I don’t remember the last time when I allowed myself just to wonder in a new city, being lost within its small streets, entering monuments, churches and monasteries and even stores just to see what are the trends now. I am glad I did it here in Bordeaux. I would say that this city forces you to do so. You can’t have a plan here, you just have to enjoy it and drink it like one of its greatest wines.
This time I decided to be a tourist and take a bus from the airport to the apartment that I rented through Since I am from the communication side, local people are interesting for me, their behavior, their attitudes towards foreigners. I heard so many stories about those “arrogant” French who didn’t like to speak other languages and didn’t like tourists. Even though I have several french friends and I don’t believe all those stories because my friends are amazing, I was a bit concerned. I would say my expectations to have great people here were confirmed and reconfirmed. Starting from the girl who rented me an apartment and finishing with the guy on a tram stop – they were helpful and supportive. Some of them didn’t speak English but they could understand. So they replied to me in French and, since I speak Portuguese, I understood their French and we managed to communicate.

I live on the right side of the Garonne river and I need to use Pierre bridge – one of the oldest and the most beautiful – to cross it.

Pierre Bridge

Pierre Bridge


Church of Notre Dame


Bordeaux Cathedral

During my trip around the city I found several interesting spots with monumental architecture, with good food and amazing typical places with French cheeses and wines.


Sure I couldn’t pass by without buying some!

animatorsIt was funny to discover that the commercial street in Bordeaux is called Rue Sainte Catherine… Those who have ever been to Porto will understand me. There are several animators around the place and most of them are without gravity 😀

I couldn’t stay long as it was a bit chilly in the evening and started raining. I went home and now I am having a nice Bordeaux wine with an amazing French cheese, finishing this story for you and expecting tomorrow’s Vinexpo.

I feel comfortable in Bordeaux. Tomorrow I will see the business side of France, but I like it already.

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