Ladies’ night

Ladies' NightI am in Moscow now for a business trip. However, how can we do business without some cultural program? So… I figured that there was a play on June 1st that I really wanted to see for already 5 or 6 years. Surely, I went for it.

So that was a performance I was longing to see. It was a famous play with several very famous Russian actors – Ladies’ night. I had extremely high expectations because all my friends were telling me it was amazing.

I invited my family and we were set for a great evening together. In the beginning it was… boring. I even saw it as something vulgar and distasteful. There were my favorite actors there and I felt sorry for them. I was surprised that they accepted to be there.

However, in the second part of the play everything changed dramatically.  It was exiting and funny and just… amazing. It was such a huge change! I didn’t expect that.

That was interesting to analyze and it supported my idea that I had before – it doesn’t matter how you start! What matters is how you progress and how you finish. That’s what will make people remember you. Never ever give up if you think you started badly!!! Go till the end and you will see the magic you are capable for!

P.S. If someone hasn’t seen Ladies’ Night, it will be my recommendation for the nearest future!!!

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