Saturday reading about public speaking

The bookI have been reading many books about public speaking recently. Many of those are about leadership, some about management, some are just promoting the author. The book I am reading now is just about public speaking, it gives an insight of what it is, how it should be done and what are the consequences. Scott Berkun wrote it in 2010 and it’s called “Confessions of a public speaker”.  Here he is sharing all the wins and losses he had during his career as a public speaker. While reading this book I feel like I am actually having a conversation with Scott. It’s written in a way it could be presented from the stage. It’s clear, it’s full of facts and ideas. Today I reached the place where he is saying: “Most people say they’re afraid of performing for an audience, but this is bullshit. Unless you are living alone on a private island and have your groceries mailed to you, you have an audience every time you open your mouth. If you can talk to your mom on the phone for an hour or have an all-night fight with your boyfriend, you know most of what you need to communicate.” This is so true.

My job is international communications, so I talk to 50-100 people every day in several languages and that’s kind of amazing. We have to discuss ideas and proposals, negotiate them and finally agree or disagree. It’s exciting to see how people from different cultures function, how they communicate, how their minds work.

In his book Scott is talking about performing on stage, but don’t forget that we perform every day and we don’t need to have a stage to do so. Don’t be afraid of stage and performing, it’s just a place to share your ideas, and I am sure we all have a lot to share with each other!

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2 Responses to Saturday reading about public speaking

  1. Scott Berkun says:

    Glad you’re enjoying the book – hope you enjoy the rest just as much 🙂

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