Benfica – Spartak Moscow

I should probably first congratulate Benfica with their victory … Congratulations! It’s so bad that our guys lost. It was a very good game, they kept the ball, had a good defense. There was a problem with attacking; however, Benfica is a very good team, so no complains! There were so many yellow cards today, it was like a hail on our team shoulders, and they even got one red. Well, at least, Benfica didn’t score when penalty was assigned. The game was very interesting!

In general, football in Portugal is one of the three religions. It shares the first place with Catholicism and coffee. Nevertheless no matter how much the Portuguese love football and their national team; there is still a space for favorites. Almost every citizen has favorite club. When you meet a new person, you will probably be asked – where you are from, which means what club you are supporting. There are three main clubs here – Benfica and Sporting Lisbon, FC Porto in Porto. Sometimes you can see the Portuguese to cheer not FOR, but AGAINST some teeams. For example, today one of the Porto’s cafes was full of people, and they were all cheering AGAINST Benfica. Well, of course, it was very good for me, because I could cheer for Spartak.

There are TVs in almost all restaurants and cafes in Portugal that usually show the last football games or football news or something related to football. When two domestic teams are playing, for instance, Benfica and Porto, the citizens simply vanish. They are all either at the stadium or in front of the TV (in the cafe, restaurant, at home, somewhere). Passing by the café one could hear the fans there cheering for their club. Over the years, one starts recognizing the shouts of the joy or disappointment, which are all the same in the beginning. These days the Portuguese join each other for 90 minutes to watch their favorite sports and cheer for their favorite teams!

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