Porto is in Top-10!

TripAdvisor recently named Top-10 best wine destinations according to their popularity. These places were chosen by the travelers from all over the World! Porto city in Portugal is very proud to be among the best in Europe. It is not a surprise for us, but it is a real pleasure to work in this wonderful place with breathtaking landscapes and World-known wineries, surrounded by the flavor of a young wine mixed with the fresh air coming from eucalyptuses’ forests. Nature is really amazing here. Portugal doesn’t have semi-seasons. There are only summer and winter. Spring comes in March-April with the heat, when people start wearing shorts right after putting away very warm coats. Spring brings blossoming of the Queen of the gardens – Magnolia, when its smell covers all cities and becomes the mood-setter for a couple of weeks.

Autumn… It’s another story, a very beautiful story. I was always a huge admirer of Portugal’s autumn. Even though the rain is coming, there are unforgettable days of sunshine with a very hot weather and incredibly unrepeatable light. The trees are becoming yellow and red which gives special colors to everything around. The best place to be in autumn for me is Douro Valley. The vineyards are already relaxing on the hills after the whole year of growing grapes to produce the best Port and table wines from this region. The wine is already in the casks waiting for the next summer to travel to Villa Nova de Gaia, where it will be left aging for quite a long time in one of many cellars. Doro Valley is becoming a place for the relaxation near the fireplace with a glass of nice Vintage or Tawny, having an interesting conversation and freeing your thoughts to travel around, bringing you new ideas and plans for the future…


Douro Valley in autumn 2012

Here I mentioned different types of Port wines. I will describe them later. Let’s make one step at a time 😉

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